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What Drives Us

What Drives Us?. Mazlow, Herzberg, and Levi Strauss


Interesting read, questioning the relevance of Maslow in this new century. I think he is onto something.



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I was really taken by these words that came in an email from one of my newsletter readers. Capturing it for posterity … because it is important.

Character may be something you are born with and largely in place by age 5 but surely it is something that is developed and refined in many ways through a thousand experiences in both good and bad directions. Right?

Since a zillion years ago I have ALWAYS subscribed to “hire character, teach skills”. It has never let me down and the boneheaded moves I have made here and there were when I deviated from this.


The Future of Work

Answering the question ‘What is the Future of Work’ solves the wrong problem really well, for a number of reasons.

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1] There are many possible futures – it is not yet clear what the future is, so we should be asking what is …

A Future of Work?

2) What the hell is ‘work’ – why do we care about it
… if you ask most people if all their creature comforts were taken care of – would they continue to do what they are doing …. they will answer ’no’ – the question then is what is …

The/A Future of Income?

3) and finally … the future is already here, so let’s call it

The Present of Work

…. and by the ‘Present of Work’ – life, labour, time to do your work is not a gift, not a present – I should be paid fairly and equitably for my contribution

BTW – just spotted that you sent me the book – very kind – no idea how I missed that … will be fun to do the thing – will ping you n a week or so to get something set up.


How The Future Works – The Arrogance!

In fairness, the full title was

How The Future Works:
Why your ultimate job is to be HUMAN.

Well yes. Couldn’t agree more … but that opening line – that suggests that it is all pre destined. This … is how …. it is … going to work … Surely the Future hasn’t yet been decided?

Commerce Language Learning Newsletter Value Work


Earthday, NYC, April 22nd 1970
Learning Travels Without Charley Value Work

People: Will

I got my skills very early in life and never looked back. A lot of people in my line of work are ex-military, but I was trained and worked as a civilian all of my life. It’s funny when I was at school all the advice I got was about getting a ‘good’ job with a ‘reputable company’. What they meant was ‘large’.

Commerce Data Learning Value Work

What’s Next

Day and Night – M.C. Escher, 1938
“A masterful demonstration of symmetrical opposites.”
Commerce Language Learning Newsletter Value Work

On The Frontline.

The Frontline Might Be Different.
But It Is Still A Frontline.